5 Essentials for a Morning Rave in London!

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5 Essentials for a Morning Rave in London!

Last week the Housekeep team took an early morning trip to Shoreditch. Our destination was a short hop from Old Street Station, the kind of place you’d expect to see drunken revellers throwing shapes until the wee hours. We were here for one of Daybreaker’s infamous morning raves - so the scene wasn’t much different, except this time the revellers were high on life, and all there was to drink was water, coffee and juices.

We loved it, and you will too if a totally unique way to kick-start your day sounds interesting.

Here are 5 things you need to be morning rave ready:

  1. Breakfast – The 7am call could result in you cutting some corners in order to be on time, but one thing you should not skip is breakfast. The rave is 2 hours of fist pumping and jumping in co-ordination with the crowd. Without a breakfast boost beforehand, you won’t last five minutes.
  2. Comfy shoes – These are a must have! Imagine going to a festival where everyone is dancing and carefree but you have on a pair of six inch heels or suede loafers… bad idea. The most popular options were old running trainers or old converses (something you don’t mind getting a bit dirty)
  3. Water – This is simple but necessary. With the DJ playing old school classics and EDM’s greatest hits in a room full of people who love to enjoy life, it’s inevitable that we were all sweating buckets. The Day Breakers organisers did hand out some organic fresh juices (which were an interesting taste); however nothing beats being hydrated with ice cold water.
  4. Funky Leggings – 90% of the ravers had on a pair of funky leggings. As well as showing off your pins, they’re light and comfortable and give you the freedom to showcase your groovy moves on the dance-floor!
  5. A smile and an open-mind – So many people come from all over London gather at the morning rave to celebrate life and spread love. Don’t be surprise if a stranger walks up to you with a beaming smile and gives you a hug (as there is a designated Guru giving out free hugs to everyone). The rave is a great way to form genuine connections with new people and find a new dance partner. It safe to say that everyone at the rave is happy and is free, letting go of all the worries and burdens of city life.

Check out Daybreaker and Morning Gloryville, who organise morning raves across London.

See you on the dancefloor.


Photography By Will Purcell

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