Housekeep How To: 5 things you need to know about productive cleaning

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Housekeep How To: 5 things you need to know about productive cleaning
I love to clean... but I understand that I am a rare breed!
To most it is a chore and a bore, but by following these 5 simple tips, it will take you half the time, half the energy and leave you twice as satisfied!
This way, you know your home will always be in tip top condition!

1. Clever Cleaning Checklists

Make a list of what needs doing to make sure you get it all done in one go.  
  • There’s nothing worse than celebrating your cleaning completion with a nice cup of tea then noticing that spiders web on the light fitting.
  • Using a list means you can feel the mini success each time you cross off a task! 
  • Top of that list should be ‘tidying’.  
  • You can not clean a messy home in a timely manner.  
  • Tidy up then clean on.


2. Top Down, not Bottom Up!

Gravity plays a big part in cleaning. - dust falls downwards! Always start from up high (top of cupboards, light fittings and ceilings) and work your way down.
I also like to close the door behind me and work my way round one room at a time.  This way you don’t miss those easily-forgotten areas like behind the door and light switches.

3. Perfect Products

Using the right products will be the difference between a smeared or sparkling mirror, a sticky or pristine floor and grubby oven or a gleaming one.  
Always check the labels and use a kitchen and bathroom spray that is also anti bacterial.  Anti bacterial wipes are perfect for little touch ups before your next big cleaning session (but don’t flush them)!

4. Secret Weapon

The secret to my cleaning powers… Baking Soda.  This little beauty can be used for so many things!  
It cleans silver, unclogs drains, naturally deodorizes everything and anything, eases burned-bottom pans, lifts stains and even makes a fantastic face mask!  Baking Soda is the superhero of all cleaning products.

5. Helping Hands

If baking soda doesn’t tickle your fancy and cleaning really isn’t for you, the most productive way to clean would be to hire a helping hand!
The Housekeep team is here to help you find an experienced, vetted 5* rated cleaner. Getting set up takes just 10 minutes, and you'’ll never have to worry about smeared mirrors and sticky floors again!  

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