How your cleaner could keep you out of trouble!

How your cleaner could keep you out of trouble!

Have you ever found yourself in a spot of bother?

It can be a horrible feeling - your stomach drops and feels like a cold pit. You know you’ve misbehaved, but it’s too late. You wish the ground around you could swallow you up, right?

Well, it just so turns out that hiring a Housekeeper could help to prevent a few of these troublesome scenarios.

We’ve bashed our heads together and compiled a few of our favourite ways that cleaners can keep you out of trouble.

Saving your relationship

We’ve already covered this in a previous post (here), but it turns out that almost a third of failed marriages cite domestic chores as a reason. Relationships are about teamwork, and that means sharing chores, and not hiding from responsibility. If you’re the lazy half of the duo, we’d recommend you shell out to treat your better half to a weekly or fortnightly clean. This could save your marriage and comes in significantly cheaper than therapy ;)

Keeping you healthy

That’s right - a clean house is a healthy house. The nooks and crannies in your house (ya know.. the spots that you’re not attentive enough to clean yourself) provide the perfect habitat for bacteria to thrive. The process of binary fission ensures that bacteria multiply exponentially. Without a serious helping hand, your house will become a more dangerous environment by the minute. If you’re at high risk of contracting illness, then this is really no laughing matter, and could have serious implications. The occasional deep clean, complemented by a regular ‘ticking over’ clean, should be enough to keep your home protected, and ensure you’re not putting yourself in harm’s way.

Turning that frown upside down 

Nobody likes a negative Ned, and having a cleaner is scientifically proven to keep you happier. Some people believe that saving their money for material purchases will make them cheerier but, according to science, this is a farce. In fact, those who spend their money on time-saving activities (i.e. a cleaner) wear the bigger smile! This is because, when push comes to shove, your time is priceless! In the busy, modern world that we live in, even a couple of extra hours a week for you, might make the world of difference to your general happiness.

When your in-laws are in town

Everybody’s least favourite weekend of the year - two long days of playing host, laughing awkwardly at ‘dad jokes’ and subjection to less-than-subtle scrutiny. When it comes to examination, the home you share with their beloved child is often first in the firing line. It’s times like this that you’re glad for that professional hand. With the cleaning taken care of, you can spend the time before the dreaded arrival prepping a lovely dinner that shows off your catering credentials, or blowing dust of a bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Hosting in a clean and presentable space will immediately endear you to your in-laws and reinforce their opinion that you’re a worthy addition to the family.

When you just need your socks to match

There are times when you can get away with the sloppy look. After all, some people just aren’t that polished, and there’s a lot to be said for the rugged, unfinished aesthetic these days. For everyone though, there are those days when you just need to appear presentable, be it for a job interview, a formal occasion, or the aforementioned in-law visit. During these occasions you need to look the business - that means clean, ironed clothes and matching socks. For many though, laundry and ironing is the most deplorable of household tasks. Ironing, in particular, is actually a real technique and many simply can’t cut it in front of the board. Don’t fear though, your Housekeeper will have you covered; making a simple change like swapping out a little cleaning time for some ironing during your next visit could alleviate a lot of your concerns about looking the part.

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