Today is National Skilled Trades Day 2021

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Today is National Skilled Trades Day 2021

Today is National Skilled Trades Day 2021.

We wanted to say a massive “thank you” to all of the skilled tradespeople in the cleaning & home services industries!

Whether it’s cleaning a house, ironing shirts, pruning a hedge or fitting a wardrobe - it takes a lot of experience, knowledge and skill to deliver 5* home services.

Cleaners & other tradespeople work in dozens of different homes every single week - so they’ve got to be adaptable, professional and reliable. Each of their customers has the way that they like things done, so they’re used to listening carefully to instructions and delivering a bespoke - but always brilliant - service.

Their hard work is often deceptively simple though, and it doesn’t always get the credit it deserves.

Take cleaning, for example - although it may look straightforward, there’s so much more to it than simply running a cloth over the side, or dashing around the house with a vacuum.

You’ve got to know which products to use, and how to get the best results with the equipment you have. Think about all of the different surfaces in a home - such as carpets, marble, stainless steel -  that all require different techniques, products & skills to clean properly.  

And not all customers will provide the same equipment either, so sometimes Housekeepers need to use their initiative and work with what they have to get the job done. But there’s always a methodical, deliberate approach to the work that ensures a perfect finish.

The cleaners we work with at Housekeep are particularly skilled, and they’re the very best in the business - after all, they’ve completed over 1,000,000 cleans between them, with a ridiculously high average rating of 4.9* out of 5.

Want to find out more about the ins and outs of cleaning a house? Check out our cleaning guides, here, and take a look for yourself - they’ve been written by our 5* Housekeepers, and feature plenty of tricks of the trade.

We’ve also published 8 skills that you can learn from your cleaner elsewhere on the Housekeep blog.

Which services do you offer at Housekeep?

You can book all kinds of home services with Housekeep - whatever you need a hand with, we’ll send a tried & trusted, vetted professional to get the job done.

We’re famous for recurring home cleans, but we’re also experts in one-off deep cleaning - including end of tenancy cleaning and after builders cleaning - as well as commercial cleaning of offices and other workplaces. 

Alongside London’s best cleaners, we’ve also got experienced tradespeople on standby - including gardeners, plumbers, electricians, handypeople, carpenters and more. They’re all fully insured and have availability at short notice, or for advance booking. Just let us know what you need and we’ll send you a fast, free, no-obligation quote. 

Find out more about our trusted local tradespeople here.

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