Thank Your Cleaner Day 2021

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Thank Your Cleaner Day 2021

Wednesday 20th October is Thank Your Cleaner Day 2021!

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank the amazing Housekeepers who work with us here at Housekeep, as well as cleaners all over the world.

We know first-hand how hard cleaners work to ensure that the homes, workplaces & public spaces we spend our lives in are kept clean.

From the Housekeep Team - thank you 🙏

What is Thank Your Cleaner Day?
Thank Your Cleaner Day is an annual international day that aims to celebrate the hard work of professional cleaners everywhere. It was started by Kärcher, who specialise in making industrial cleaning equipment.

Cleaning work is often under-recognised and under-appreciated. But professional cleaners help us keep our homes, workplaces & public spaces clean & tidy every single day - boosting happiness, reducing illness & improving quality of life.

In light of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the national day is particularly important, with “the central role professional cleaners play in our society [being] more evident than ever. They ensure safety and hygiene on a daily basis - for example in supermarkets, hospitals, public facilities or transport”.

Over the last 18 months, enhanced cleaning & hygiene has been consistently recommended to help slow down the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This has made the work of cleaners everywhere more critical than ever before. It’s also meant that many people have begun to realise just how important cleaning work is.

Thank you to our 5* Housekeepers
In particular, we’d like to thank the 5* Housekeepers we work with at Housekeep. Their hard work has seen Housekeep deliver over 1,000,000 cleans, with an almost-perfect 4.9* average customer rating.

Over the last 18 months, they’ve worked against enhanced cleaning processes to ensure their customers’ homes are safe & hygienic.

Some of our Housekeepers also took the decision to pause cleaning for their regular customers to temporarily clean in the NHS - joining the front line of the national effort to fight coronavirus. 

Find out what cleaning work really entails
Cleaning work is often misunderstood and perceived as straightforward.

Sure, it may seem deceptively simple, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth - cleaning takes technique, knowledge & initiative, particularly when you’re working across dozens of different customers’ homes & workplaces.

We’ve sat down with our most experienced Housekeepers to find out what it really takes to deliver 5-star cleaning services. With that knowledge, we’ve created detailed cleaning guides, and we’ve shared their top tips with publications, including the Sun, the Mirror, Best Life Online & more.

Find out more about our cleaning guides & favourite press mentions

Thank your cleaner the next time you see them
We should all use this opportunity to thank our cleaners - whether that’s in our homes, on public transport, or in our workplaces.

If you’ve got a home cleaner, why not tip them a little extra this week? Or go out of your way to say a special “thank you”, so they know they're appreciated. 

If you’ve got a Housekeep cleaner, don’t forget you can rate their cleans, leave lovely reviews, add compliment badges & tip them - all through the rating email or your online account.

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