National Cleaning Week 2022 (27th March - 2nd April)

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National Cleaning Week 2022 (27th March - 2nd April)

This week is National Cleaning Week (27th March - 2nd April). There’s no better time to celebrate the benefits of clean, and the excellent work of cleaners – at Housekeep and everywhere.

National Cleaning Week was founded by ISSA—The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. The national week encourages the public to complete some much-needed spring cleaning, while recognising the efforts of frontline cleaning professionals in keeping homes, commercial properties and public spaces clean. Not to mention the benefits of cleaning on the environment, and the economy.

Cleanliness is so important. Cleaner homes make us happier and healthier. And clean offices, workplaces and public spaces are essential for health & safety. But we don’t often stop to think about the hard work that goes into maintaining clean spaces. The work is often completed out-of-hours and out-of-sight. This week’s a great opportunity to take a step back and appreciate the sometimes invisible work that benefits us all. 

Discussing the particular relevance of the event over the last few years, ISSA Executive Director John Barrett highlighted that ​​“the pandemic has demonstrated the essential role that frontline cleaning professionals, manufacturers, and distributors play in keeping people safe and healthy”. We know all about this first-hand, having helped place cleaners in the NHS temporarily cleaning hospitals back in 2020.

Thanks to our clean dream team

We’re fortunate to work with the best cleaners around. They know how to deliver a thoroughly good clean - clearing clutter, managing mess and calming chaos. So their customers can get that clean-home feeling we all know and love.

And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Our customers have rated their Housekeep cleans a whopping 4.9* out of 5 on average – from 400,000 reviews. And they’ve rated us “Excellent” from over 5,000 Trustpilot reviews.

We’re using National Cleaning Week to say a well-deserved “thank you” to all of the dust-busting, dirt-defeating Housekeepers we work with - we thoroughly appreciate your hard work.

Brush up on your cleaning skills

National Cleaning Week is the perfect opportunity to complete your spring clean, refreshing your home ahead of the long summer days to come.

Haven't the foggiest where to start?

Don't fret – we’ve spoken to the best cleaners working with Housekeep to find out how to deliver a 5* clean. And we’ve created step-by-step cleaning guides to share the knowledge.

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