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  • "Modupe is very good and she did a great job. I liked her cleaning and would love to get the cleaning done again by her."

    K - Blackheath, Just now
  • "Elisha was efficient, friendly and unobtrusive. She noticed things which usually get overlooked, which was great."

    M - Crofton Park, 4 days ago
  • "I just arrived home and found the house sparkly and shinny! Oluwaseun is very polite and very punctual! she arrived earlier and did an amazing job. Many thanks!!"

    Ana - Deptford, 5 days ago
  • "She was fantastic! Lovely girl and good manners and clearly worked really hard. Thank you, Laura."

    N - Hither Green, 1 week ago
  • "Brilliant clean! My flat looks so lovely;) Really thorough and great attention to detail 150% recommend Nikki"

    l - Crofton Park, 1 week ago
  • "Gloria arrived early (which was great!) and did a brilliant job. I hope to have her back soon!"

    B - Crofton Park, 1 week ago
  • "Laura does an excellent job. She is pleasant to deal with and I have no hesitation in reccomending her."

    S - Brockley, 1 week ago
  • "Michelle’s always punctual, cleans thoroughly and effectively, and is friendly and easy to get along with. Highly recommend her!"

    Laura - Hither Green, 1 week ago
  • "Jenny is a warm, lovely and hardworking young woman. She is reliable and also open to advice. For the reviewer who posted an unfairly low rating I would say this: -This is Jenny’s livelihood. -She loves her job. -She will take on board any advice should you offer it -If you had an issue with her you should have addressed it with her instead of waiting for her to leave and then post a terrible (and unfair) review. Yes, Jenny likes to listen to music as she works. I don’t have an issue with this. Music lights up the brain and produces endorphins. How this is a negative trait is beyond me, and of course if you were to ask her to turn it off, she would do so without complaint. Please be kind and offer advice instead of hiding behind a keyboard and assassinating her opportunities to do the job she loves. Keep your head high, Jenny: you’re always welcome at our house."

    I - Bickley, 2 weeks ago
  • "Arrived on time and was very kind. Thank you Ermias, you did an amazing job. Could not be happier."

    Y - Hither Green, 2 weeks ago

Some of the Great Cleaners
Available in Lewisham

  • Kelvin

    "Kelvin was fantastic, very thorough and got on with the cleaning straight away! Very friendly too and nice to have around."

    L - Crofton Park 2 months ago


    • Brockley
    • Crofton Park
    • Crofton Park
    • East Dulwich
    • Honor Oak
    • Loughborough Junction
    • North Dulwich
  • Laura

    "SUCH a great cleaner and great person. Very good attention to detail and very fair and honest about how she uses her time, always does a great job and goes the extra mile to do the small things!"

    Megan - Hither Green 2 months ago


    • Brockley
    • Crofton Park
    • Hither Green
    • Honor Oak
    • Ladywell
    • Ladywell
    • Lewisham
  • Ashamaya

    "Our first clean with Ashamaya and she was very thorough. Really great to have a sparkling house again :)"

    R - Blackheath 4 months ago


    • Blackheath
    • Charlton
    • Greenwich
    • Greenwich Peninsula
    • Kidbrooke
    • Maze Hill
    • Plumstead

Lewisham's Best Cleaners

Every cleaner has at least 6 months' professional home cleaning and ironing experience.

Cleaners are interviewed in-person and undergo an 8-step background check.

We collect reviews and feedback after every clean to make sure all cleaners are 5-star quality.

If you’re not totally satisfied, we promise to send an alternative cleaner to re‑clean for free!

Areas We Cover in Lewisham

  • Bellingham
  • Blackheath
  • Brockley
  • Catford
  • Crofton Park
  • Downham
  • Evelyn
  • Forest Hill
  • Grove Park
  • Ladywell
  • Lewisham
  • New Cross
  • Sydenham

Housekeep Cleans Up in

Housekeep in Lewisham

  • 4,699 Homes cleaned
  • 1,174 Fridges cleaned
  • 1,521 Ovens cleaned
  • 1,862 Window cleans
  • 14,620 Shirts ironed
  • 9,398 Rubbish Bags removed
  • 100% Lewisham covered

Stats about Lewisham

  • 28.0% Have pets
  • 55.0% Flats or apartments
  • 45.0% Houses
  • 117,651 Households
  • 327,556 Residents
  • 52.0% Own a car
  • 50.0% Single

Local Information About

Lewisham is a borough in South East London, situated between Greenwich, Bromley and Southwark.

Home to Goldsmiths, University of London, Lewisham has become a hub of social activity of late, due to its high student population. Although originally a village, Lewisham is now home to enterprise and entertainment, as well as many residencies. Areas in the borough such as Bermondsey have business and retail parks, whilst Deptford is famous for its now-closed Dockyard. For sporting fans, Lewisham - and Bermondsey, in particular - is significant as the home of Millwall F.C.

Many areas of Lewisham have centred around local markets for years, with both Deptford and Lewisham still having iterations of these markets today. The property market is varied, with period houses and new-build apartments close by one another, as well as flats sat above retail spaces on the high streets throughout the borough. Student halls also contribute to the housing stock, as a result of the university.

As with other areas in South London, Lewisham is best reached by bus or the London Overground, with service to New Cross and New Cross Gate frequent. Lewisham and Deptford are also both on the Docklands Light Railway.

The Housekeep platform frequently services South East London and the borough of Lewisham. There are plenty of great housekeepers - all background checked and experienced - who cover SE13, SE14 and SE15, as well as other postcodes throughout the borough.

Housekeeper of the Week: Alice

This week's Housekeeper of the week is Alice - well done, Alice! Alice cleans with regular customers across South London, visiting homes in West Norwood (SE27), Streatham (SW16) and Crystal Palace (SE19). Alice's regular customers are hugely appreciative of her attention to detail (Alice is consistently rated 5-stars for every single clean!),...

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Housekeeper of the week: Michelle

This week we’ve chosen the lovely Michelle as Housekeeper of the week! Michelle is based around South East London - in the boroughs of Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth. Her customers mostly live in the Kennington (SE11), Herne Hill (SE24) and Brixton (SW2, SE5) areas. Michelle maintains a perfect 5-star ratings due to her consistent...

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Housekeeper of the Week: Lilla

This week's top Housekeeper is Lilla! Her happy customers are in the South-East London boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham including Vauxhall, Bermondsey (SE1), Camberwell, Brixton (SE5), Peckham, Nunhead (SE15), Walworth, Kennington and Newington (SE17) . Lilla is very friendly and much-loved by her regular customers. She is very good...

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