The New Kabbee Treats Programme - Get Miles Ahead!

The New Kabbee Treats Programme - Get Miles Ahead!

Our friends Kabbee have just launched their brand new loyalty programme for customers! Called 'Kabbee Treats', the programme has been designed to provide loyal customers with some great perks, and we’re happy to announce Housekeep are part of the platform!

Not heard of Kabbee before? Kabbee lets customers instantly compare quotes from more than 70 leading ...

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What makes Housekeep ‘Housekeep’?

What makes Housekeep ‘Housekeep’?

We know that sometimes when you interact with an agency, they seem like a massive faceless corporation. Well folks, that’s not us. We’re one of a kind, and here’s why...

We simply love clean homes

That fresh smell when you walk into your home… That feeling of bliss as you sit down with cup of ...

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Vote for Housekeep!

Vote for Housekeep!

We’re excited to announce that we’re a winner of the 2014 O2 Smarta 100!

The Smarta 100 Awards are one of the most prestigious awards around. They celebrate disruptive businesses across the UK, and we’re proud to be named one of the most exciting businesses in the country.

Our founder Avin says, ”It's exciting to ...

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We're hiring!

We're hiring!

We've got some exciting news... Housekeep are on the hunt for someone bright, motivated and with the ability to learn very quickly.  In return, you can join one of the strongest start ups teams around and get genuinely involved in the key decisions driving growth. You'll see every win, every mistake and every lesson learnt. Could ...

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Welcome to the Housekeep Blog!

Welcome to the Housekeep Blog!

Hello and welcome to the first ever Housekeep blog - we’re excited to get started!

Don’t know much about us? Well, here’s a bit of info on who we are...

Housekeep is an award-winning professional home cleaning service. All housekeepers go through rigorous training, pass a practical cleaning exam and so are real experts in making ...

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