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  • "As always, Adiat has left my home looking lovely. She takes great care of my house and I look forward to coming home on the days when I know she has dropped by! She also checks with me when she isn’t sure about particular cleaning products on certain furniture etc which is very considerate. Thank you!"

    A - Herne Hill, Yesterday
  • "Simon is great, always lovely to have him around and the place is left sparkling. Highly recommended!"

    S - Herne Hill, 2 weeks ago
  • "Althea did an AMAZING job. I could tell the minute I walked into the door our home had been cleaned thoroughly and beautifully. She did a really thorough job, and her attention to detail was great. We look forward to her coming around again next week!"

    Isabel - Dulwich, 1 month ago
  • "Very high level of cleaning, and an excellent eye for detail. Would highly recommend not only Althea but Housekeep as a cleaning company."

    K - East Dulwich, 1 month ago
  • "As always, Awa has done a stellar job. I highly recommend her. She has a strong work ethic."

    A - Herne Hill, 1 month ago
  • "So glad to have you back Elizabeth! Lovely clean fresh smelling house again. Thank you very much."

    Joyce - East Dulwich, 1 month ago
  • "Thank you Elena! The place looks great and you went above and beyond to make it extra tidy."

    K - Dulwich, 1 month ago
  • "Elizabeth managed to get a lot done in the time allocated, she was very friendly and we would use her again"

    F - East Dulwich, 2 months ago
  • "Mattia was simply brilliant with his work. He came on time and did the housework efficiently, he listened well with instructions, professional and friendly. I wish I can hire him again but I’m afraid he was one of the cover team. Please can we have more of Mattia typed of cleaner to come to ours as our regular?"

    A - East Dulwich, 2 months ago
  • "Lovely clean fresh smelling house yet again Elizabeth. Thank you so much! Highly recommended"

    Joyce - East Dulwich, 2 months ago

Some of the Great Cleaners
Available in Dulwich

  • Kelvin

    "Kelvin was fantastic, very thorough and got on with the cleaning straight away! Very friendly too and nice to have around."

    L - Crofton Park 2 months ago


    • Brockley
    • Crofton Park
    • East Dulwich
    • Forest Hill
    • Herne Hill
    • Honor Oak
    • North Dulwich
  • Michelle

    "Michelle was such a lovely and brilliant cleaner. She was thorough and efficient in cleaning and a pleasure to have in our home."

    Tamsin - New Cross 4 months ago


    • East Dulwich
    • Herne Hill
    • Loughborough Junction
    • North Dulwich
    • Peckham Rye
  • Lay Yissel

    "Lay was absolutely brilliant. Prompt, friendly and super efficient. I came back to a beautifully clean kitchen and bathrooms and a friend they visited later even commented on how clean everything looked. Shall definitely be booking Lay again!"

    Salmah - Battersea 3 months ago


    • Herne Hill
    • Livesey
    • North Dulwich
    • Nunhead
    • Old Kent Road
    • Peckham
    • South Bermondsey

Dulwich's Best Cleaners

Every cleaner has at least 6 months' professional home cleaning and ironing experience.

Cleaners are interviewed in-person and undergo an 8-step background check.

We collect reviews and feedback after every clean to make sure all cleaners are 5-star quality.

If you’re not totally satisfied, we promise to send an alternative cleaner to re‑clean for free!

Areas We Cover in Dulwich

  • Dulwich
  • Dulwich Village
  • East Dulwich
  • Herne Hill
  • North Dulwich
  • West Dulwich

Housekeep Cleans Up in

Housekeep in Dulwich

  • 1,203 Homes cleaned
  • 233 Fridges cleaned
  • 321 Ovens cleaned
  • 346 Window cleans
  • 3,790 Shirts ironed
  • 2,406 Rubbish Bags removed
  • 100% Dulwich covered

Stats about Dulwich

  • 28.0% Have pets
  • 49.0% Flats or apartments
  • 51.0% Houses
  • 11,034 Households
  • 25,666 Residents
  • 59.0% Own a car
  • 36.0% Single

Local Information About

Dulwich is an area in the south of London that includes the local areas of West Dulwich, East Dulwich, Dulwich Village and parts of Herne Hill (also known as North Dulwich). It primarily comprises the postcode districts of SE21 and SE22 and has its own parliamentary seat at Dulwich and West Norwood.

Dulwich has many local amenities, including Dulwich Park, The Dulwich Estate, Dulwich Wood, Dulwich Farmer’s Market, Dulwich Hospital and numerous churches. Dulwich School is one of London’s top rated schools and attracts young families to the area. Famous residents include Enid Blyton, Margaret Thatcher and Sacha Baron Cohen. Dulwich even has its own online resource in the form of Dulwich OnView, which is a website affiliated with the Dulwich Picture Gallery and concerned with local people and culture.

Dulwich’s local areas each have their own character. Dulwich Village is an attractive, traditional town centre and conservation area. Its feel as a rural idyll close to London has attracted many affluent residents. It is also home to the Dulwich Horse and Motor show. East Dulwich is a separate area with its own town centres. West Dulwich tends to be more residential, bordering West Norwood and Tulse Hill. Finally, Herne Hill is to the north of Dulwich and borders areas like Brixton.

Transport to Centra London is provided by North Dulwich, West Dulwich and East Dulwich overground railway stations. There are also a number of local bus routes. There are not currently any underground links.

Quality house cleaners have been in high demand in Dulwich, whether for a daily housekeeping service or a weekly or fortnightly cleaning service. Housekeep cleaners have already gained more than 1,000 5 star reviews locally, so may well be cleaning your neighbour’s house!

Housekeeper of the Week: Effie

"Great clean! She was thorough and used her own initiative. Very pleased with the service" Effie is this week's Housekeeper of the week. She covers the south London boroughs of Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark including Bermondsey, Vauxhall (both SE1), Camberwell, Peckam, Brixton (all SE5), Kennington, Lambeth (both SE11), Nunhead (SE15), Walworth...

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Housekeeper of the Week: Tashana

"Tashana really is an excellent cleaner. She is friendly, helpful and professional. She is the best cleaner we have had and always leaves the house both clean and cared for" Tashana is this week's Housekeeper of the week. She covers south-east London, including Dulwich (SE21), East Dulwich (SE22), Forest Hill (SE23), Herne...

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